Our mission is to give Memorial students a platform to promote volunteerism, to support students in their self-development, and to create a community of #MUNVolunteers.

Aligning with Memorial’s Dept. of Student Life’s goal of empowering students to connect, engage, and belong and MUN Students’ Union’s goal to unite all undergraduate students, the SVB aims to become a household name within the Memorial and St. John’s communities while weaving volunteerism into the essential fabric of the MUN student experience.

Hours of Operation:

10:00am – 4:00pm

Programs & Services We Offer

The Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP) was created to recognize and encourage student involvement involunteer and leadership activities. Participants in the VIP will enter at the Bronze level, and ascend through Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The program is designed for volunteerism and self-awareness, as each participant progresses through their university careers

Our VA positions are senior volunteer roles. Most VA’s have already volunteered extensively before starting at the SVB and want to pay that experience forward! As a VA, you will use your volunteer experience to help other students find meaningful placements. VA’s also assist in the facilitation of the SVB’s programs and events such as the VIP, GIVE, the VIP awards, and MUN Volunteer Day.

Not only do we connect students at Memorial with volunteer opportunities but we also help organizations promote their volunteer opportunities! There are multiple ways that we can help with the promotion of your event and we can offer some tips and tricks for running programs/events.