Your Resource Centers

MUNSU currently operates seven resource centres. Our resource centres are safe meeting spaces, information and knowledge hubs, and peer support networks within the greater MUN community. Each resource centre was established in recognition of the needs of communities of students who are historically oppressed and marginalized and operate under a mandate challenging oppression and discrimination on campus.

Intersections: A Resource Centre for Marginalized Genders:

Intersections embraces a diversity of cultures, ethnicities, classes, religions, ages, sizes, abilities, genders and sexualities, and aims to provide a safe space for students and advocate for social justice. The centre offers an extensive academic resource budget, workshops and training programs, crisis intervention and empathetic personal support. We also offer free health products (condoms, lubricant, tampons, etc), and information on sexual and reproductive health. Visit us in UC1009, or contact us by our Facebook page @intersectionsNL, by phone at (709) 864-4366, or by e-mail at

MUN Sexual and Gender Advocacy Resource Centre (MUN SAGA):

The Memorial University Sexual and Gender Advocacy Resource Centre is a volunteer-based centre that aims to promote awareness and advocacy for people of marginalized genders and orientations, both among marginalized populations and the community as a whole. MUN SAGA is available to provide information on anything related to sexual health and gender awareness, and can provide a wide range of items; condoms (internal and external), oral dams, tampons, pads, binders and books. We also provide peer counseling, coffee, and a chill, inclusive, confidential atmosphere. MUN SAGA; a safe place for everyone, a safe place for you. Visit us in UC6022, or contact us by our Facebook page @munsagaresourcecenter, by phone at (709) 864-7619, or by e-mail at

Disability Information & Support Centre (MUN DISC):

DISC offers peer support for disability-related topics, to advocate for the rights of students and raise awareness of these topics within the university and in the community. The centre works to remove barriers faced by students with disabilities, and aims to promote a more accessible education and campus. Visit us in UC6007, or contact us through our Facebook page @MUNDISC, by phone at (709) 864-7993, or by e-mail at or

International Student Resource Centre (ISC):

The ISC ensures international students feel welcome on campus and have equal opportunities while studying in St. John’s. The centre and its team focus on bringing people together to embrace and celebrate diversity and culture. With signature annual events including the International Student Recognition Awards (IRSA) and the Multicultural Show, there are many opportunities to get involved. All our welcome to our room in UC6020 or to contact us by phone at (709) 864-2002, by e-mail at isc@munsu.caor on Facebook or Instagram @ISCMUN.

The Circle: First Nations, Inuit, & Métis Students Resource Centre:

Newly renamed, The Circle is a resource centre for First Nations, Inuit, and Métis students at MUN. The Circle is a space for building community, advocating for rights, planning events, decolonizing and indigenizing campus, and learning about yourself. Visit us in UC6002, or contact us by e-mail at

Students Older Than Average (SOTA):

SOTA understands that sacrifices are often necessary to attend university as a mature student, and can offer valuable advice and support. Providing a sense of community, SOTA helps mature students reach their greatest potential at Memorial University. Visit us in UC6013, or contact us by phone at (709) 864-2158, or by e-mail at

Student Parent Assistance & Resource Centre (SPARC):

SPARC helps student parents find their balance between family and academics, and offers a supportive environment to relax in and meet peers, while providing valuable information to visitors. If you have any questions or want further information, visit us in UC6012, or contact us by phone at (709) 864-3484, or by e-mail at