Resignation from Board of Regents

Students’ Unions at Memorial University have long complained about excessive and inappropriate levels of secrecy at the university’s Board of Regents. The Board is the university’s highest decision-making body and is responsible for stewardship of the province’s publicly funded university. It is responsible for spending hundreds of millions of dollars provided through government grants, taxpayers’ dollars and tuition fees paid by students. It ought to act with transparency and accountability to the public. Instead Board meetings are secretive, Board members are sworn to confidentiality and are not permitted to obtain independent information, feedback or insights from the public they represent. Reducing secrecy, increasing transparency and promoting public dialogue in an atmosphere of civility and respect would not only improve governance but would bolster public faith in the wise stewardship and spending of the province’s premiere public institution.

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Fall By-Election

The fall by-election and referendum was held on November 14th – 16th. The results are:

Arts Representative
Julia Clarke – 47
Sabrina Philbert – 27
Josiah Mosher – 15

Referendum Question: “Do you support an increase in the Muse student media levy from $2.00 per student per semester to $4.00 per student per semester?”
No – 158
Yes – 98

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