Our Advocacy Services

The MUN Students’ Union is here to support you when you need it most. Through the Director of Advocacy, the Union ensures that all members are treated fairly and with respect. Whether it is a situation involving a professor, University regulations, housing, the legal system, the Code of Conduct, student financial assistance, or cases of harassment or assault we can assist you with advice, information and representation. All information you provide is kept confidential and all conversations are held in a safe space.

Schedule A Meeting

The MUNSU Office (UC-2000) is open 8:30-4:00pm, Monday-Friday. The Director of Advocacy is available by phone (709-864-733), email (advocacy@munsu.ca) and in person, however we encourage students to schedule meetings in advance when possible to ensure availability.

Although not mandatory, relevant background documents such as a course syllabus, correspondence, etc. can help provide context and understanding of your situation. If possible, please provide these during your scheduled meeting.

Legal Aid

MUNSU offers a confidential 1-hour free legal aid service to any student who requires it. Sessions with the Director of Advocacy are not legal counsel but they may assist in obtaining it.

Prior to making use of this service, your Director of Advocacy will meet with you to go over your case, provide advice, and determine whether legal aid is necessary.


Appeals to University Regulations

Universities operate through systems of committees, sub-committees, faculty councils, boards, and other decision-making structures. As the official representatives of undergraduate students at Memorial, MUNSU is determined to ensure that students represent students at every level of University decision-making.

Through the assistance of the Director of Advocacy, channels exist for students to address problems they encounter or decisions they feel are unjust and wish to appeal. They help students understand their options and navigate the complexity of university regulations and processes. The Director of Advocacy will help students at every stage of any process and will take a stand on behalf of students wherever possible.

If you need to appeal a University regulation or decision the Director of Advocacy can provide guidance about the University Calendar or Student Code regulations. They can provide suggestions or advice on appeal letters, as well as advice on process and contacts.

Academic Misconduct

Academic misconduct is governed by the Memorial University Calendar and other university policies. If you are accused of academic misconduct, whether at the unit level or formally, we can help navigate the process with you. We can attend any meetings or interviews, provide advice and help ensure any documents are correct and fair. The level of support we provide is assessed entirely on your needs.

Student Code of Conduct

Student behaviour at Memorial is governed by the Student Code of Conduct while on campus and for some off campus activities. The Code outlines behavior which the University considers to be offences of non-academic misconduct, and the range of remedies and/or penalties which may be imposed.

Student Loan Applications, Appeals, and Grants Questions

MUNSU promotes high-quality, accessible post-secondary education for everyone who has the ability and desire to learn and works with the Canadian Federation of Students to advocate for Student Financial Assistance reforms. The Director of Advocacy is able to provide advice on any issues they may encounter regarding their student financial assistance.

Tuition Refund Appeals

In situations of extenuating circumstances, students who drop courses after the first two weeks of lecture might be eligible to appeal for a tuition refund. Your Director of Advocacy can advise on this process, help guide your appeal and provide support through the experience.


Students with any questions about on-campus housing or who wish to appeal a decision of on-campus housing – denied readmission, account charges, sanctions or otherwise – should contact the Director of Advocacy as soon as possible for information on the appeals process and answers to any other questions they may have.

Students having off-campus residential issues can learn more from the NL Residential Tenancies system but should also contact the Director of Advocacy for explanation and guidance through the system.

Sexual Harassment

Memorial University recognized its ethical and legal responsibility to provide an environment that is free of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and sexual violence. The Sexual Harassment Office was developed to offer private and confidential information and consultations for students, staff, and faculty on all Memorial campuses. The Sexual Harassment Advisor also provides information and coordination regarding informal and formal resolutions (as requested).

The office is located in the Alexander Murray Building (Earth Science), room 6039.

To learn more about resources or the Sexual Harassment Office please visit www.mun.ca/sexualharassment. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Rhonda Shortall, Sexual Harassment Advisor, by phone at 864.2015 or by email at rshortall@mun.ca.