End Gender-Based Violence

Despite successful student organising, many students, faculty and staff continue to face individual and systemic discrimination at MUN. While discrimination is not confined to college and university campuses, overt and covert manifestations that occur on campus, whether in the classroom, lab, library, through institutional policies or at social events, undermines the academic missions of post-secondary institutions

Addressing gender-based oppression and sexual violence and continuing to work provincially to create campuses that are free from all forms of violence and harassment is essential to creating barrier-free education and safer campuses.

The Canadian Federation of Students developed the No Means No campaign almost twenty years ago to raise awareness and to reduce the occurrence of sexual assault, acquaintance rape, and dating violence. The No Means No campaign consists of various materials, including research on the incidences of sexual violence in Canada, buttons, stickers, posters and postcards.

No Means No

No Means No has succeeded in changing the culture surrounding acquaintance rape and dating violence in Canada. It was not so long ago that the campaign launch was met by a counter-protest with men on university and college campuses carrying placards with offensive slogans like ‘No means Yes’.

Today, thanks in large part to public education provided through the No Means No campaign, people have a greater understanding of their rights and responsibilities in sexual relationships. However, date rape and dating violence continues to occur on campuses and in our communities requiring the Federation to continue promoting this campaign.

In March 2015, the Canadian Federation of Students hosted a national forum on building consent culture on college and university campuses. The forum provided an opportunity for students to share stories of success and struggle and develop a common vision to end sexual and gender-based violence and dismantle rape culture.

Consent Culture

In a culture of consent, the fact that consent is mandatory is normalized, respected and valued in society. It is an expression of values and attitudes that respects bodily autonomy and understands that each person is always the best judge of their own wants and needs. It is a culture in which all interactions and relationships are centered on freely given, active and enthusiastic mutual agreement for participation.

Students have developed a three-pronged approach to build a culture of consent on campus. A plan to combat sexual and gender-based violence must include education, policy and support. Every since the national forum in 2015, students across the country and in Newfoundland have been working to implement the recommendation of the vision, including the successful implementation of a sexual assault policy and procedure at Memorial University.


MUNSU is committed to supporting our members in times of need. Below is a list of some on and off campus spaces and resources our members may find helpful. As well as the below resources, our Director of Advocacy and Resource Centres are always available to provide support. If there are resources we are missing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly.

You can find Memorial University Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Policy  on their website.

MUNSU Advocacy
(709) 864-7633
Campus Enforcement and Patrol
Non-Emergency: (709) 864-8561
Emergency: (709) 864-4100
Sexual Harassment Office
(709) 864-2015 or (709) 864-8199
MUN Counselling Centre
(709) 864-8500
Student Support and Crisis Management
(709) 864-7594
MUN Sexual and Gender Advocacy Resource Centre
(709) 864-7619
Intersections: Resource Centre for Marginalized Genders
(709) 864-4366
Aboriginal Resource Office
(709) 864-3495
Mental Health Crisis Line

Local number: (709) 737-4668
Toll Free number: (888) 737-4668

NL Sexual Assault Crisis and Prevention Centre

(709) 747-7757

NL Sexual Assault Crisis Line

1 (800) 726-2743

Royal Newfoundland Constabulary

(709) 729-8000

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

(709) 772-5400


Health Sciences Centre (Emergency Room)

(709) 777-6300

St.Clare’s Mercy Hospital (Emergency Room)

(709) 777-5501