Want to get involved with a student group? Have we got a list for you! There are more than 175 clubs, societies, and groups for our members to pursue interests alongside their education, meet students within or outside their program, and make the most of their undergraduate years.

Our clubs & societies cover a broad range of interests – from academics to volunteerism to sports to faith to politics, and beyond! Each semester, as groups apply for ratification (or not), our Club & Society Directory will be updated accordingly. To get in touch about a listing in the Club & Society Directory, please contact membership@munsu.ca.

Want to start a new club or society?

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    Check out our Clubs & Societies Directory of 175+ existing groups to make sure it doesn't already exist!

  • Learn More!

    Familiarize yourself with other MUNSU groups. Read the clubs, societies and residences section of our bylaws by clicking 'Learn More' above.

  • Fill out a Recognition Application

    Once you know what you want your new group to accomplish, fill out our recognition form below.

  • Wait to hear back from MUNSU

    All changes go through MUNSU committees. Be patient and we will inform you when a decision is made.

  • Get Started!

    As you get up and running, keep MUNSU posted and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

The deadline to apply is:

July 27, 2020

Ready to apply for ratification?

All MUNSU clubs and societies must apply for ratification each semester in order to receive funding and access to spaces and resources. New clubs and societies who have completed two concurrent semesters as a recognized group are eligible for ratification.  Ratifications are processed through our student life committee. Once you are ratified you receive $120 of funding for fall and winter semester ratifications, and $60 for spring/summer semesters.

After you have completed your first semester as a newly recognized club or society you become eligible for the Recognition Grant. This grant can help your group expand your activities with funding provided by MUNSU. Prepare a budget and apply for a recognition grant below.

Applications must be submitted at least one month before the funds are required.

Develop Your Budget

Draft a Constitution

Establish Your Executive

The deadline to apply is:

July 27, 2020

MUNSU Club & Society Resources

MUNSU is proud to be able to provide our clubs and societies with access to our resources and spaces FREE of charge. We know student space on campus is at a premium which is why we work hard to accommodate everyones needs. To improve accessibility, bookings for MUNSU spaces can only be made as early as one month in advance. If you are planning a large event on campus and are looking to book spaces earlier contact frontdesk@munsu.ca.

The 6th floor of the University Centre is dedicated to our student clubs, societies, and Resource Centres. These rooms are allocated once per year by MUNSU’s Student Life Committee, chaired by the Executive Director of Student Life, and this process typically takes place during the Winter semester. Send your questions about room allocations to studentlife@munsu.ca, or pop up to the 6th floor anytime to check it out for yourself!

MUNSU has a variety of equipment available for booking:

PA System: Bose Speaker & base, Microphone, Aux cord
Beverage dispensers
Popcorn Machine
Coffee Urn
Tug of War rope

To book equipment contact the MUNSU Front Office at UC-2000,(E): frontdesk@munsu.ca, (P): 709-864-7633. Remember to provide your group name, date, time duration, type of event, contact number and email address.

Below are a list of spaces operated by MUNSU:

  • 6th Floor Boardroom (UC 6011)  – A space great for meetings up to 15 people. 
  • Council Chambers (UC 2001) – A larger room for meetings or social gatherings of around 80 people.
  • The Loft (UC 3013) – A high traffic room for meetings or social gatherings. 
  • Loft Table (Outside UC 3013) – Tabling space for Outreach / Fundraising
  • Bank Machine Table (close to SVB) – Tabling space for Outreach / Fundraising
  • The Breezeway Bar *Visit The Breezeway booking form

To book a space (except The Breezeway), contact the MUNSU Front Office at UC-2000; (E): frontdesk@munsu.ca; (P): 709-864-7633. Remember to provide your group name, date, time duration, type of event, contact number and email address.

To view room availability, visit the S.A.F.E. Bookings Scheduler.

Planning events can be complicated! That’s why we’ve created an event planning template to help organize your planning and manage your event. Need help? Contact the Director of Student Life for advice.