The Breezeway is your student owned and operated bar, and is home to countless events, parties, concerts, and performances. Whether you want to grab a drink after class, dance the night away, or perform at an open-mic night, the Breezeway will have something for you. The Breezeway is the largest bar in St. John’s, making it ideal for hosting events.


Monday – Friday: Noon – Close

Note: Closing times are subject to change dependent on traffic and special events

Interested in booking The Breezeway?

Groups can request to reserve The Breezeway during regular business hours (weekdays from 12pm until ~9pm), provided the bar remains open to the public and the event does not interfere with regular bar service.

To book The Breezeway for a private event, groups must reserve the space outside of regular hours (ie: on weekends) and pay a rental fee. The rental fee varies depending on the type of group requesting the booking and the nature of the event.

Booking requests can be submitted through the form below and typically receive a response within 2-3 business days. The form closes when bookings for the semester are full.