We were elected to make post-secondary education more accessible, and build a community that respects the diverse and inter-sectional needs and interests of all our members. Our elected representatives are here to bring your voice to the table as our union grows.

Our elected reps can’t do it alone! We are a movement and that means all of us have a role to play and we encourage you to make the most of your membership. Your activism and contribution to your students’ union helps enable and empower services, events and student resource centres, societies, and events, brought to you, by you!

We recognise that students face many barriers in accessing their education. We take a proactive approach by advocating and mobilising for greater funding and resources for the University while providing direct advocacy services such as appeals to the Student Code of Conduct, academic misconduct, Housing Regulations and more. We are proud to work alongside students from across the country in achieving out ultimate goal of a high quality, accessible education for all.

As a student movement, we are only as strong as our members; members like you! We look forward to meeting and working with you this year. Stop by our office UC-2000 to meet us and tell us how you envision making Memorial more inclusive, accountable and fun.


Liam O’Neill


The Director of External Affairs, Communications, and Research is the Union’s spokesperson and connection to the external community.

They oversee the production and publication of all MUNSU’s communication and information materials, such as the handbook, website and listserv, and engage our members through social and formal media relations. They represent MUNSU to regional and national media and are responsible for liaising with coalition partners to achieve shared goals.


  • Membership Engagement Committee
  • Policy Review Committee

Kat McLaughlin


The Director of Advocacy leads all MUNSU’s advocacy initiatives.

If you ever find yourself needing academic, financial, or legal help, the Director of Advocacy is here for you. Responsible for ensuring adequate student representation on University committees, developing campaigns to improve students’ knowledge of academic and non-academic rights, and providing one on one advocacy support, the Director of Advocacy’s primary concern is ensuring fair, just, and affirming student experiences.


  • Advocacy Committee

Alyssa Gulliford


The Director of Student Life organizes events to enrich your student experience.

This includes organizing social events for our members such as concerts and speaker series, Welcome Weeks, Winter Carnival and much more.They also oversee the ratification and operation of student groups (clubs, societies, and resource centres) and are responsible for administering funding including Individual Merit Funds, Special Project Grants, and Conference Hosting applications.


  • Student Life Committee
  • Funding Committee

Jil Medon


The Director of Finance and Services is responsible for managing MUNSU’s budget overseeing Union services.

Working with MUNSU staff, the Finance and Services Committee, and the Board of Directors, they develop MUNSU’s budget, and oversee spending and day-to-day operations throughout the year. They are also responsible for overseeing the operations and evolution of union services, including improving accessibility to the health and dental plan, and ensuring that the Attic, the Breezeway, and SafeDrive are operating to their fullest capacity.


  • Finance and Services Committee

Derek Semerad


The Director of Campaigns organizes and mobilizes to fight for students’ right to an accessible education.

They are responsible for developing campaigns to improve financial accessibility and  improve equity at Memorial University. They coordinate and mobilize students for campaigns and events such as Fight the Fees, United for Equity, Pride on Campus, Consent Week and Challenge Islamophobia, and collaborate with the membership to develop new campaigns and win victories for students. The Director of Campaigns also works with students in the province and across the country with the Canadian Federation of Students as part of our national student movement.


  • Campaigns and Actions Committee
  • Women’s Committee