2018 By-Election Results

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The 2018 By-election results are in:

Positions that were acclaimed:
Machpherson College Representative – Makaela Hurtubise
HKR Representative -Ashley Mills
Part-time Students’ Representative – Taylor Ivany
Business Representative – Abdalla Elian
Education Representative – Shane Regular
Centre of Nursing Studies Representative – Adewale Olubummo

Positions that were contested:

MUN School of Nursing Rep
Rebecca Martin 6
Zachary Thorne 42

Paton College Representative*
Alyssa Hoskins
Tristan Philipson
*Due to a technical error in the voting system, no votes were registered for this position. The MUNSU Elections Committee will announce a plan for this position in the coming days.

Thank you to everyone who put themselves forward to represent students, and to all the staff who facilitated the election.