Health and Dental Plan

About the Health and Dental Plans

In the current climate of increasing health care costs, students on fixed incomes are particularly vulnerable. Each year, the cost of prescription drugs and basic health services take increasingly large portions out of the limited budgets of many students. 

Postponement of necessary but expensive medical procedures can have disastrous consequences and for students may jeopardize the completion of their academic programs. The Students' Union operates group health and dental plans for members to ensure that all students have access to the medical services they require. 

All full-time undergraduate students are enrolled in these plans when they register. Fees for the health and dental plans are collected by the University in the fall and winter semester. Because the plans operate on a 12-month basis, students attending Memorial full-time in both the Fall and Winter semesters are covered until the following August. 

Each student covered under the health plan can receive a pay-direct insurance card. These cards ensure that students receive benefits when purchasing prescriptions or health and dental related services and therefore are not required to submit claims forms. Students should retain this card for as long as they are undergraduate students and remain enrolled in the health plan. Insurance cards for those students who do not return to MUN the following academic year will be deactivated on August 31 of that year.

Students already covered under an extended health plan (i.e. a plan other than a provincial health care plan) or dental plan may choose to opt out of the Students' Union plans to receive a refund of health and dental fees. As the Union's plans include benefits specifically designed for students' needs, retaining the coverage will increase total coverage and further reduce health care costs. 

The following information will allow you to get the most from your MUNSU Health and Dental plans:
For complete details about the health and dental plans, drop by the Students' Union office contact the Health Plan Administrator.
Contact: Health and Dental Plan Administrator
(709) 864 7633