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Opt Out Information

Students already covered under an extended health plan (i.e. a plan other than a provincial health care plan) or dental plan may choose to opt out of the Students' Union plans to receive a refund of health and dental fees. As the Union's plans include benefits specifically designed for students' needs, retaining the coverage will increase total coverage and further reduce health care costs. 

To opt out of the health or dental plans, students must complete an online waiver form and demonstrate proof of existing coverage in their first semester of each academic year. For most students, this requires an opt out in September of each year.  To opt-out online, please visit www.studentplans.ca/munsu

Once you have read the information, click on the opt-out button at the bottom of the page. Follow the prompts and ensure that you have your student number and proof of existing alternate coverage handy. Incomplete or inaccurate information will delay your application to opt-out and/or result in an incomplete opt-out.

When you have completed your opt-out application, you will receive an automatic email confirming receipt of your application. Please print off or keep the email for your records for at least one year. Please carefully read the disclaimer contained in the confirmation email. Note that incomplete information or errors in the entry of your information may prevent you from receiving your opt-out reimbursement.

Refunds will be issued approximately two weeks after the last day to add courses. If fees have not been refunded to your student account by this date, please forward your email confirmation to hdplan@munsu.ca.
Contact: Health and Dental Plan Administrator
(709) 864 7633