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MUNSU Annual Scholarships

The MUN Students' Union offers a number of scholarships to celebrate the  academic and student life achievements of students. The following scholarships are listed below:

MUNSU 25th Anniversary Scholarship
This scholarship is the result of an endowment established by MUNSU (1994) and is valued at a portion of the endowment. It will be awarded to a student who has completed at least one year at Memorial University.

Dr. Wayne E. Ludlow Scholarship
This scholarship is the result of an endowment made by the undergraduate students of Memorial University in honour of Dr. Wayne E. Ludlow on his retirement, in 1999, from the position of Dean of Student Affairs and Services. This scholarship is valued at a portion of the income on the endowment and is tenable to students beyond second year.

Dr. J. Douglas Eaton Scholarship
Upon the retirement of Dr. J. Douglas Eaton from the position of Vice-President (Student Affairs & Services) in 1983, the student body of Memorial University donated a sum of money to fund two undergraduate scholarships in his honour, valued at $500.00 each. These awards are available to students beyond first year.

Application Process
Please note that successful applicants may only receive one of the above scholarships.

Scholarships will be awarded at the end of the Fall semester. Applicants should contact the Director of Advocacy for an application, beginning in early Fall semester.

Applications will normally require a resume and a cover letter indicating why the applicant feels they are deserving of one of the scholarships. Particular attention should be given to how the applicant has participated in student life at Memorial University.

Successful applicants are required to have clear scholarship standing.
Contact: Ashley Wilson, Director of Advocacy
(709) 864 7633