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Faculty & Staff Awards

Awards for Excellence in Teaching and Outstanding Contribution to Student Life

The Excellence in Teaching and Outstanding Contribution to Student Life Awards (ETOCSL) are intended to provide students the opportunity to give back to those faculty and staff who have had a significant impact on their lives. These are the only awards for faculty and staff at Memorial which come entirely from students.
Outstanding Contribution to Student Life Award 
Three awards are awarded annually to both faculty and staff in recognition for outstanding contributions to the well-being of the student population as a whole.  It recognizes instructors and staff who have demonstrated a holistic understanding of issues facing students, and their dedicated and open commitment to supporting the needs of students and the goal of accessible post-secondary education. 

Excellence in Teaching Award
Awarded in recognition of outstanding dedication to students and to the pursuit of teaching on campus, the Excellence in Teaching award is awarded to individuals who posses qualities such as approachability, fairness and communicability.  These people have a record of being open, of listening to students but most importantly supporting students and assisting them in their academic lives.
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