Nomination Period: February 26 – March 2
Election Days: March 13 & 14

Nomination Package: As of Mon, Feb 26 available for pick-up at Main Office UC-2000 during operating hours (Mon-Fri 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM) by the interested candidate themself. If commitments with direct time conflict exist and prevent this, contact the CRO. Package to be completed with the following:
(a) Candidate information & signed declaration;
(b) Campaign Manager and/or Workers names & information (if desired);
(c) minimum # of signatures of student nominators in ward/constituency (where applicable);

Nomination Package MUST be returned on Friday, March 2 before 12:00 PM noon (NST)

Candidates Meeting: with Chief Returning Officer on Friday, March 2 at 6:00 PM in UC-2001 (or alternative time);
Campaigning: Once CRO approves, Candidate & Team campaign into election days. Strict guidelines apply. Details in candidates package.
Voting: opens March 13 until March 14 (8PM). Available to undergraduate students at MUN St John’s campus (only) at Polling Stations across campus or Online in Self Service > Student Main Menu > Munsu WebVote.

Presently enrolled undergraduate (minimum part-time) student at MUN-St John’s campus with paid dues. Must be member of ward/constituency (where applicable).

1-year term from May 1, 2018 – April 30, 2019 with:
(a) Official Meetings Wednesdays at 5:00-7:00 PM set Bi-weekly (Spring) and Weekly (Fall & Winter);
(b) ‘Office’ Hours and ‘Board’ (external) Hours (weekly). Financial stipend reward.
Flexible for students on work placements or away & off-campus during Spring Semester. 

To learn more about the individual responsibilities as a
Member of the Board: visit the MUNSU Bylaws (Section 8), visit the MUNSU office, or speak to your current representative!

The following positions will be available for nominations & candidacy in 2018 General Elections:
1. Faculty/School Directors 
i. Humanities and Social Sciences Students’ Representatives (3)
ii. Business Students’ Representatives (2)
iii. Centre for Nursing Studies Students’ Representative
iv. Education Students’ Representative
v. Engineering Students’ Representatives (2)
vi. Human Kinetics and Recreation Students’ Representative
vii. Medicine Students’ Representative
viii. Nursing Students’ Representative
ix. Pharmacy Students’ Representative
x. Science Students’ Representatives (3)
xi. Social Work Students’ Representative
xii. Music Students’ Representative
2. Constituency Directors
i. Indigenous Students’ Representative
ii. International Students’ Representative
iii. Queer Students’ Representative
iv. Students with Disabilities Representative
v. Women Students’ Representative
vi. Paton College Representative
vii. Burton’s Pond Apartments Representative
viii. MacPherson College Representative
ix. Part-Time Students’ Representative
x. Student Parents’ Representative
xi. Students of Colour Representative
xii. Trans Students’ Representative
xiii. Sustainability Representative
xiv. First-year Students’ Representative
xv. Undeclared Students’ Representative
3. Executive Directors (Full-time: 35 hours min./week)
i. Executive Director of Campaigns
ii. Executive Director of Finances and Services
iii. Executive Director of Advocacy
iv. Executive Director of Student Life
v. Executive Director of External Affairs, Communications, and Research

Engineering Endowment Fund Referendum
FALL 2017

[Failed to pass]

Questions about this referendum should be directed to
Chief Returning Officer, Taylor


——– RESULTS ——–

  • Executive Director of Campaigns
    Brad Greeley (178) – ELECTED
    Kyekue Mweemba (122)
    Adele Power (104)
  • Queer Students’ Rep
    Derek Semerad (154) – ELECTED
    Morgan Simms (146)
  • Students with Disabilities
    Alison Kavanagh (186) – ELECTED
    Andrew Nash (88)


  • Pharmacy Rep – Christina Tran
  • Education Rep – Hannah Delany
  • Paton College Rep – Tristan Philipson
  • Burton’s Pond Rep – Sagnik Ghosh


  • MacPherson College Rep
  • Part-time Students Rep


Please refer to the MUNSU Bylaws for further information pertaining to the duties and responsibilities for each position here: http://munsu.ca/about/bylaws/.
Any questions about the by-election should be directed to
Chief Returning Officer, Taylor



Nominations for positions on the Board of Directors of the Students’ Union opened on Monday, March 5 and closed on Friday, March 10. Voting for contested positions took place on March 21-22.

Nominations for positions still vacant following the General Election will be open during a by-election in the Fall Semester.

The following is a list of successful Board nominees. Their term of office begins on May 1, 2017. Vote counts for contested positions is published below.

Executive Director of External Affairs, Communications & Research: Renata Lang
Executive Director of Finance & Services: Sophia Solomon
Executive Director of Student Life: Bailey Howard
Executive Director of Advocacy: Matt Barter
Executive Director of Campaigns: Ladan Mowlid (revised: Brad Greeley)
Indigenous Students’ Rep: Jordan Collier
Students With Disabilities Rep: Chanel Barbosa (revised: Alison Kavanagh)
MacPherson College Rep: Sabrina Philbert
Queer Students’ Rep: Adele Power
Women’s Rep: Courtney Jones
International Students’ Rep: Andre Santoso
Student Parents’ Rep: Petra Chaffey-Johnson
Director-at-Large: Tina Rahimi
Director-at-Large: Brad Greeley (revised: VACANT)
Director-at-Large: John Godfrey
Director-at-Large: Hanaa Mekawy
Director-at-Large: Jil Madamiedon
Humanities & Social Sciences Rep: Nikki McIntyre
Humanities & Social Sciences Rep: Isabella Fahey
Humanities & Social Sciences Rep: Taryn McLachlan
Science Rep: Carmen Fang
Science Rep: Meriel Fitzgerald
Science Rep: Laura Hillier
Business Rep: Uzair Mansoor
Business Rep: Justin Lopinski
Engineering Rep: Jennifer Bennett
Engineering Rep: Keegan Brophy
Music Rep: Michael O’Keefe
Nursing Rep: Paul Bulai
Centre for Nursing Studies Rep: Juliana Collins
Human Kinetics & Recreation Rep: Nehara Herat
Social Work Rep: Dominique Dawe

Vote Counts for Contested Positions:

Business Students’ Representative:
Justin Lopinski: 151 (elected)
Hieu Nguyen: 69

Director at Large (5):
Tina Rahimi: 568 (elected)
Brad Greeley: 537 (elected)
John Godfrey: 450 (elected)
Hanaa Mekawy: 412 (elected)
Jil Medon: 371 (elected)
Yazan Jabr: 362
Stephen Chislett: 287
Mesail: 204

Executive Director of Advocacy:
Matt Barter: 860 (elected)
Keely Noiles: 380

Executive Director of Campaigns:
Ladan M.: 506 (elected)
Weston Lushman: 446

Executive Director of Finance and Services:
Sophia Solomon: 460 (elected)
Matthew Drover: 414
Shane Regular: 378

Executive Director of Student Life:
Bailey Howard: 744 (elected)
Becca Chaytor: 449

LGBTQ* Students’ Representative:
Adele Power: 365 (elected)
Matthew Vaters: 313

Women’s Representative:
Courtney Jones: 446 (elected)
Michaela McKinnon: 419

For further information please contact cro@munsu.ca or resource@munsu.ca


Go to your MUN self-service menu. You should see an active “MUNSU Webvote” option. This will take you directly to the Webvote and you can vote for all positions you are eligible to vote for.


If you encounter problems, please contact cro@munsu.ca and resource@munsu.ca immediately.